A family trip to Plitvice Lakes

All winter I've been thinking about organising a one day trip to Plitvice Lakes NP in Croatia, and yesterday it finally happened! Me, my dad, my sister and her husband and daughter... all 5 of us packed up some food and clothes, jumped in the car and started the journey early in the morning (around 7 a.m.). There are few reasons why I wanted to visit this beautiful place at the end of March.

  • Firstly, the snow has melted in the whole area, and the weather becomes quite pleasant - sunny and warm, but not unbearably hot like in summer.
  • Secondly, the vegetation does not start to grow at this time yet, so the views are much better than through the leaves of dense forest (an advantage mostly for photographers like me).
  • And thirdly, because it's still off-season, the ticket price is very very reduced, only 7.5 eur (compared to 25 eur in high season) and number of tourists is much smaller, so the place is much less crowded. Still we could not avoid the groups of Asian tourists which seems to go sightseeing any time of the year.

Check out the collection of my best photos from the trip:

It was truly an amazing day, walking on the wooden paths among the small and big waterfalls and lakes, full of clear green water. We also took a boat and bus ride which connects different parts of the trail, both of them were included in the ticked price. And most of all, it was a great opportunity for me to enjoy photographing landscapes and flowing water! I really recommend to visit this place in other seasons than summer, because it always has something beautiful and interesting to offer. 

Here is the link to Plitvice NP official website with all the info.

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