I have been travelling around Europe since I was really young (around 10), when for almost every holiday we went on family trips to different countries. One of my favourite trips from those days was to Greece, where we explored the historical places and enjoyed the good food and warm weather. With my family we also travelled to Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Italy and Norway. 

The trip to Norway was the first trip we planned ourselves, without the help of tourist agency. We rented a camper and drove there ourselves, and stopped anywhere and slept in camps. I loved the freedom of this kind of travelling, so later I decided to do it myself as well. At first with friends, together we visited the lovely city of London twice... then with my boyfriend, with whom I explored many of the capital cities... and also by myself. Just recently I planned a christmas trip all by myself, and visited the cities of Vienna, Prague and Munich, and enjoyed exploring the christmas markets and decorated streets.