I first travelled to India in September 2011, where I met a group of friends who helped me organise a one month trip all around the country. I visited Delhi, Jaipur, Bangalore and Kolkata and fell in love with the Indian culture, colours and diversity. After I finished my trip, I immediately decided that I will come back to India again one day. And I did, less than a year later 🙂 I met my boyfriend in April 2011 and together with him made many more trips around India, exploring the south and north. 

Our first trip together took us north of Delhi, to Haridwar and Rishikesh, and all the way towards the springs of Yamuna river, high up in the mountains. I really loved those places because of the intense cultural heritage, changing weather and not so spicy food. Our next trip was planned in monsoon season of 2012, when we explored the beauty of south India. We visited ruins of Hampi, explored the stated of Kerala, travelled all the way to the most southern point called Kanyakumari. We came to this region next year, when I finally visited the city of Mumbai, enjoyed the relaxing beaches of Goa and got lost in the French city of Pondicherry. Our latest adventurous trip took us to the extreme north of the country, to the region Ladakh, in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. This was by far most exciting place in India I have seen till now, as it lies in the middle of high mountains near the Himalayan range, cut off from all the other regions. You can read more about this trip in my article, posted on the website Travelicious world.