I visited this tourist friendly African country in February 2013 with the company of my good friend Eva. Together we spent 10 days backpacking through some of the must-see places of Morocco. We took the flight to Fez, where we started our adventure. I fell in love with this city from the moment I stepped into the narrow street maze of the old town. From there we travelled by train to the most touristic city of Marrakesh, where we got a cheap room near the main square. I still remember waking up really early at dawn and walking around in peace..and drinking yummy fresh orange juice!

From Marrakesh we travelled more south to a small coastal town Sidi Ifni, where we spent few days with some nice people we met there, sleeping in a shared tent on a roof of a funky hotel and exploring the nearby sights. We also made a trip into the dessert village where we got invited into a house of some local nomad family, who offered us their traditional tea and snacks. A very interesting and exciting experience, I hope to come back to Morocco one day soon 🙂