Let’s be honest about photo editing.

Why do people travel? There are as many reasons as there are travellers. But for me, travelling is the most exciting way to improve my photography skills. Why? Because when travelling, I see the world around me differently, I see more details and beautiful views.. and that makes my photos better. But is a good camera and decent photography talent really enough to become a good photographer these days?

Look at the next two photos I took recently…and guess if they are same or different photos?


The one on the right is original, and the left one is edited, you guessed it right 🙂

And how do you feel when you see a beautiful sunset photo, and then I show you the original, which is totally lame compared to the edited one? Disappointed? I hope not.

The reality of modern times is that almost every published photo is edited at least a bit. Enhanced colours, better contrasts and retouched details is just few of the basic adjustments. Being a photographer is not about taking photos, but mostly about editing them.

The photographers know what I’m talking about, but for those whose editing knowledge does not go beyond choosing an instagram filter… there’s lots you don’t know about 🙂 There are countless youtube tutorials on post processing landscape photos, like this one..

This way I learned a lot after I already knew the basics. Easiest way to start learning is when someone else tells you in person and shows you examples of good and bad editing practices. And then of course lots and lots of editing is needed to become confident enough to publish photos online. Even then, expect to get criticised again and again by other professionals, but don’t get discouraged!

And one more thing… do you think is possible to edit any photo to become beautiful? No way, the post-processing is only helpful if the original photo is taken with correct settings. No sharpening tool will help you if the main part of the photo is not in focus. Example:

This image could never be good by editing, because the object (my niece Živa) is blurred and not focused. This kind of mistakes are most common, so be sure you set the right focus and keep the exposure short enough to catch moving objects, no matter how dark the photo would be. Exposure can be corrected, but sharpness (almost) never!

If you have any questions or disagreements, feel free to comment 🙂

Yours, Nina

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