Meteora, Greece

Meteora is a stunning place in the region of Thessaly in Greece. The name literally means "in the middle of the air", which is quite accurate. The area is full of interesting pillars of rocks, on top of which lie many Eastern Orthodox monasteries, which were built around 11th century. We visited Meteora on our last day of the trip around Greece, and I wish I had planned more time for this place. It is very touristic, and the two small towns situated below the rocks (Kalambaka and Kastraki) are fully adapted to the high concentration of tourists. You can get a small cheap room in any of the hotels, and the towns are also full of restaurants and souvenir shops. 

We were happy to explore the whole region of Meteora by car, so that we could stop anywhere anytime and enjoy the views. The local road leads upwards through the dense forest and near the monasteries, where there are always parking spaces for cars and busses. From there the walking trails with lots of stairs lead directly to the monasteries, from where we enjoyed the lovely views.  To enter each monastery there's an entrance fee of 3 €, so we chose to visit one which looked quite big and most visited. Inside the monastery there were many things to see, including a historical museum, a church, old kitchen and beautiful gardens and balconies. 

We only had few hours to explore this place, so I am sure I will come back some day and take more time, also to explore the surrounding areas which are just as interesting, but not touristic at all. While leaving, we took a local road towards north, which also crossed Venetikos River, where we had to stop and enjoy the beautiful sight of a green-blue river flowing through dark brown rocks all kinds of shapes. So next time I go to Greece, I have to plan to go rafting and spend at least a week in those wild places! 

Enjoy the photos I took in Meteora:


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