My first blog post!

Hello world! This is my very first blog post, hopefully not the last 🙂 I have started my own webpage to see how big my potential for this kind of work is. I already know that I am good in clicking beautiful photos of nature, but can I also be a blog writer? Let's find out!

For now I will focus on getting my life in some kind of order and find a way to earn some money doing the things I learned till now. How difficult can that be huh?! For all those out there who are is similar situation (graduated college, trying to find a job), don't give up and keep searching... or just keep watching movies and wasting time, that is just as good...because you never know when and how an opportunity will arise, and your life will suddenly turn around and change for the better 🙂

Hopefully in the next blog post I will have something more interesting to write... till then, take care everyone!

Yours, Nina

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