Travelling to Greece: Past Memories and Future Plans

So here it is, April has started and suddenly I realised that 3 months of the year 2017 have passed by already. Days are becoming longer and nature is showing off with all the blooming flowers and singing birds. Weather is perfect for spending time outdoors, remembering all the past memories and planning future trips. In Slovenia, April can be still quite cold with unpredictable weather, so my sister had an idea to travel south where the weather is much warmer, more specifically to Greece. She and her daughter Živa have been reading Greek mythology stories all winter, and now they want to travel there to see the historical places in real. So I said, why not? And so the plans are set, in 2 weeks we will travel to Greece!

Past memories

We already visited Greece with my family long ago when me and my sister were much younger, and it was during this trip when I found out I have a knack for photography! My sister Alenka owned a simple old time camera at that time, and she didn't let me use it much except when she got sick one day and had to stay in the hotel, while the rest of the group spent the day exploring the city of Athens. I borrowed the camera and enjoyed the feeling of capturing the places right away 🙂 Here are few photos from that trip:

Future plans

This year, our plan is to drive all the way to Athens by car, more than 1,700 km one way! First day we will cover half the way to reach Skopje (capital city of Macedonia) and stay there for the night, then the next day continue the journey south all the way to Athens, the capital city of Greece. We will use the next day for sightseeing this lovely city, and then from the next day on we will roam around to visit few of the most well known ancient greek sites, like Delphi, Olympia, Sparta and others. And then of course it's time to turn back and start the looong journey back home, which will be quite tiring, considering we will be travelling with my 6 year old niece.

I can't wait to start travelling again, and of course use my photography skills to capture moments from the trip! Stay tuned for more posts and let me know if you have any suggestions for which places we should visit during our trip 🙂

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