Winter adventures in Slovenia

As I am writing this post, the seasons are slowly changing. Winter is almost gone, so it's nice to look back and remember all the fun adventures I had. This winter was very kind to me, as it offered nice weather opportunities for learning about landscape photography in practice. We also had quite a lot of snow in the mountains, and not so much in the valleys. So, what all can an outdoor adventurer do in Slovenia during winter? πŸ™‚


The obvious first choice for most Slovenians, no matter the age. There are lots of ski centers all around Slovenia, local and big, so anyone can find their perfect place to go. My favourite used to be Krvavec, which is just around 30 minutes away from Ljubljana (by car) and besides skiing Β also offers beautiful views. However, for more skilled skiers best opportunities are in the neighbouring countries of Italy and Austria, which are not too far. We used to go skiing with my family to Italian Dolomites (Civetta) and Austrian Nassfeld, both really awesome.


Yes, for me the most fun winter activity since I was a child. The first part is walking uphill and dragging the sleds behind, which is quite a warm up. And then, when you reach the top, sit on the sleds and start sliding downhill on the snow... swooshh...gaining speed...learn to turn without losing much speed... and competing who will reach the end of the trail first πŸ™‚ My favourite place for sledding is Ljubelj, which is a mountain just at the border with Austria. The old road turns into sledding track in winter, and many people come there to enjoy at weekends, my family included.

Ice skating

Also quite a popular winter activity, but not for everyone. I learned ice skating when I was really young, so now I don't have much problems with stability and balance on the ice. But not all are so lucky, so if you are still learning to get a grip on the tricky ice, take it easy πŸ™‚ Best way to learn and enjoy ice skating is in the hockey sports halls, for example in Tivoli park and Bled skating centre. But this year winter was very cold for long time, so many lakes froze and we could enjoy skating in nature as well!

Photographing winter landscapes

Well of course, as a photographer, I cannot go anywhere without my camera and all the gear. This year I started learning more about the practical ways to click beautiful landscapes, so I used most of my free time searching for places with nice motives. Winter in Slovenia is often influenced by foggy weather, which is perfect for clicking time-lapse videos as well as long exposure photos. Despite feeling really cold while clicking, the end result is worth it πŸ™‚

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